How To Buy An Original Laptop Battery?

A Informative Guide

The battery is the most significant component that supplies power to the laptop and enables the device to work without a power cord. Batteries are capable of powering your devices for several hours. It depends on the amount of power the device requires.

But batteries do last for more than 2-8 depending upon the performance or way of use. No matter how well you take care of your devices, after a few years, it will eventually require a new battery. Therefore, you have to buy a new battery according to the specifications of your laptop.

But the actual thing to consider here is how to buy an original laptop battery? As the matter of fact, it is a laborious task to find a genuine battery because you have to think about several key material things before buying the original battery for your laptop.

Here is a simple and specific guide for you,

so that you can differentiate between an original battery and a duplicated or compatible one

Let’s directly jump toward our topic and read this article till the end for proper guidance.

Check The Battery Requirments?

Laptop batteries stop holding their charge at some point and need to be replaced. It may take years for them to reach this state, but If your battery has reached this level, you should buy one.

You can check and see what kind of battery you need based on your laptop’s requirements. One word of caution is to replace your battery with one from the company that made your laptop. But if you are buying it from elsewhere, there are certain tips you should follow.

Details Of Manufacturers

To buy an original laptop battery, go to a trusted or reliable store. If you are buying the product from overseas or online, then make sure that the site you are choosing is branded by the original company.

Check if there are any printing errors or vague text. Check if it gives a solid feel and if the cells are not loose Compare the weight of the battery with that of a genuine battery of the same capacity. Also, check if it snicks cleanly into the laptop.


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Compare The Product With A Genuine One

The other factor that you must consider is to compare your battery device with the original one. To compare the battery with a genuine manufactured product you should look at the following factors:

Compare The Product With A Genuine One

  • Manufacturer Logo
  • Model Number
  • Check Packing
  • Registration Number

Check If The Box Has Any Manufacturer Logos

A genuine battery usually comes in a box, bag, or packaging. The batteries always have the company logos and part numbers or even matching serial numbers. Checking the manufacturer logos is as simple as typing in URLs.

You can check the serial on the main battery label or small labels located on the side of the battery pack. The battery part number is printed in small lettering on certain battery packs. If you have all of these things on battery then it is a good sign to buy an original battery

Look For The Model Number On The Original Website

To get the genuine product the other thing to consider is the model number of the battery. The model number of the battery should be of the latest version. The latest version battery works perfectly fine with the laptop without any interruption.

To check that the model number is original or matched with the manufactured product you should go to the original website of the company. And then check out the number at the bottom. There will be a text or sticker on which the number will be engraved. If it matches then it is well and good otherwise don’t bother to buy the battery.

Check Packing And Registration Numbers

Manufacturing companies have their registration numbers mentioned on the product on the labels written on the battery. Match the digits of each registration number carefully with the battery you are buying.

Manufactured products always have a stuck-on label with the serial number of the battery. If there is nothing unique about your battery serial number then this should raise a question.

The package box or internal packing of the original product is different and branded with its specific logos and labels on it. Therefore be careful to not buy a copy or duplication of the real product.

Avoid Buying Compatible Batteries Or Products

There are fraud companies who copy original products and make a duplicate or compatible one just like the real one. But somehow they can’t copy all the specifications according to the genuine batteries.

Therefore, examine all the necessary information based on the details provided by the registered company that manufactured the original laptops. So that you can buy an original laptop battery.

Check The Performance

After buying the battery according to all the given specifications and inspecting it visually, load it on your laptop and check the battery performance above all. To check the performance follow certain steps given below:

  • Power on your laptop.
  • Click on the start menu on your laptop.
  • Search for PowerShell.
  • Then click on the PowerShell option that appears.
  • As it appears, type the following command: powercfg /battery report.
  • And then press Enter, which will generate a report that includes information on your battery performance and health.

Check The Variability Of Temperature

After selecting the battery from any store, you should check the performance of the battery on your laptop. And for checking performance well, you should first check the temperature of the system board and processor with a utility program generally.

For checking the battery temperature, I suggest you use an infrared thermometer. But most people don’t have access to such specialized types of equipment. Therefore, you should know the range of temperature that should be 25–40 ℃, although it is hard to keep it in this range. But if the temperature exceeds this limit then it is not a good thing.

Check If the Instructions are Branded

There are always certain instructions written on the battery. Because of the multiple products selling companies, fake ones are less likely to come with the right manufacturer instructions.

Therefore if you have a very generic leaflet without any logos, contact details, or customer support information, then this is suspect. And if there are typos then the alarm bells should start ringing. Don’t forget to match out the instructions of the brand with the battery you are buying.




Test That The Capacity Matches The Original Battery

Most of the brand’s manufacturers only produce two or three versions of batteries for specific laptops. There are two measures here, the first is the number of cells and the other is capacity.

For this purpose, make it certain that the manufacturer makes the particular configuration that’s on offer. The capacities for batteries can be listed in two ways mAh and WHr and you can get mAh by dividing WHr by the voltage.

Most operating systems have a software battery meter that also shows the exact capacity. And many manufacturers can supply specific battery test tools like calibration tools which is one of the best ways to identify a genuine battery and check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific details.

For checking the capacity of your laptop, click the Start button and type cmd into the dialog box, and press enter. Then, type powercfg /battery report and again press enter. The Design Capacity signifies the original strength of the battery and the Full Change Capacity tells the performance you are currently getting.

What Do You Do With A Counterfeit Battery?

Counterfeit batteries are fake ones and you can identify them by the NFC connecter of the battery after tearing out the battery paper. There will be an NFC chip wrapped well on the genuine battery. While the NFC chip of the counterfeit battery will be uncovered with glue print.

If the battery is sold out to you as genuine but it is not, then contact the seller. And if you got the battery from overseas then a return is likely to be costly.

Then assuming it’s reliable with a decent capacity you may want to consider keeping it. But no Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM can ever endorse you using a non-genuine battery.

The fake manufacturers will be interested that their products are being counterfeited, by all means, take photos, etc. in this case, you should send the information to the genuine manufacturer.

Some companies even have special schemes to protect their name. Therefore, make sure that you are not buying counterfeit batteries.

Wrapping Up !!!!

Here’s the end of the detailed and specified discussion on how to buy an original laptop battery.

There are several significant factors that you should consider before buying a new laptop battery including manufacturer details, visually checking, and comparing with genuine in the aspect of serial, model, service tag, packing details, counterfeit battery, instructions, performance, capacity, variability of temperature, and company logos.

All of these factors are significant to consider if you want a genuine battery.

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