How To Clean Fingerprints Off MacBook Screen?

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MacBooks are the most influential laptops released by Apple. They are powerful enough to perform processor-intensive workflows easily. Apple products are the most expensive and the Apple company doesn’t ship any screens that don’t support high dpi or retina. So their OS supports that well and third-party apps support it too.

MacBook Pro remains a workhorse for those who want a compact OS laptop for working that is available now with 13-inch screens and an M1 CPU. It can control display resolution, brightness, and mirrored options.

How To Clean Fingerprints Off MacBook Screen?

If you need an efficient and working-horse laptop and you want to stay in the Apple ecosystem, then you should go for the MacBook Pro which is very much worth the price. Even if you’re not interested in Apple products, this laptop is worth the switch.

The MacBook Pro can withstand a lifespan of around five years, and most users suggest a much longer approximately seven-year upward. Apple MacBooks boast a beautiful liquid retina that displays clear pictures and vibrant colors. But you cannot experience the joy when your screen gets smudged and dirty.

Here we are discussing the effects of fingerprints in a brief note.

Effects Of FingerPrints On MacBook Screen

As you know, MacBook displays billions of colours, but marks of greasy fingerprints on the casing or screen of your Apple MacBook can make the appearance of your laptop stained and dirty. Fingerprints on the screen can also make the laptop’s display difficult to view, particularly in strong light conditions.

Apple recommends removing fingerprints from the screen of the MacBook Pro using a soft, lint-free, microfiber cloth along with shipping for cleaning the screen. MacBook often gets fingerprints on its screens because of certain genuine reasons.

However, the crucial factor to consider is how to clean fingerprints off MacBook screens. It may be a risky task for anti-professionals. You can hire someone to accomplish this task.

Let’s take a detailed look at the easiest ways of cleaning smudges off-screen.

Quick & Easy Steps To Clean The FingerPrints Off MacBook Screen

There are certain factors that you should take into consideration to clean fingerprints off the MacBook screen.

1. Shut Down the MacBook Pro

First, turn your MacBook Pro off before proceeding and detach the power adapter from your laptop. It is unnecessary to detach if you are only using a dry cloth to clean the screen, but it is still advisable since the friction produced by the cloth can still interact with or damage the adapter.

The components of your laptops can get damaged if exposed to the wet cleanser. You can also get the slightest shock while working if moisture reaches any electrical components.

2. Use a Microfiber Easy Cloth

The next step to clean the fingerprints off MacBook Screen is the use of a microfiber cloth. Just spray a little LCD or plasma cleaner on a microfiber cloth and use a cleaner that is specifically for LCD screens. Spray a negligible amount of cleaner on a soft cloth and don’t drench the cloth. Use it when it is a little moist to the touch and liquid doesn’t squeeze out of it.

Lens cloths are best for it but microfiber is also effective for this purpose. Avoid using paper, dish towels, and other abrasive fabrics. Only use soft, lint, and static-free clothes to secure your laptops.

Do not use products made with harsh chemicals including alcohol, bleach, aerosol sprays, abrasive, or all-purpose cleaners. These products with harsh chemicals can damage the laptop screens and can even break completely.

Don’t spray the cleaning solution directly on the laptop screens because doing so can increase the probability of getting moisture into the openings of laptops or at the bottom or sides. Don’t allow the moisture to pass through these openings, since it can lead to laptop damage if it gets inside.

3. Clean the Outside Casing

For cleaning the outside casing of the laptop, there are some things to follow. Firstly unplug the power adapter and turn off your MacBook Pro. Disconnect the MacBook Pro from other external devices and cables.

Secondly, make sure that the cloth is just a little damp. Then, wipe the exterior of the MacBook Pro using a clean & wet towel. Don’t let the moisture enter any of your ports or openings in the laptop’s case.

4. Use Distilled Water

Use microfiber again and lightly dampen the provided microfiber screen-cleaning cloth or another microfiber cloth with water.

Be cautious while cleaning your MacBook Pro’s screen, because abrasive or overly soaked towels can cause damage to your device.

Wipe off the screen with a wet cloth to remove fingerprints, dust, dirt, and other greasy stains from your laptops. Gently wipe the screen, don’t exert too much pressure on the screen.

  1. Scrub the Display Screen

This is the last step to clean fingerprints off the MacBook screen which further involves some different precautions and methods that you must consider before cleaning.

Method 1: Use a Dry Cloth for Cleaning

Don’t forget to turn off the computer and remove the power adapter from the MacBook Pro. Although detaching the power adapter is not necessary if you are cleaning the laptop screen with a dry cloth.

Clean the screen using a dry cloth by moving it slowly in small circles around the entire laptop’s surface. Apply consistent but mild pressure on the surface. Buff the screen for up to five minutes to get rid of all greasy marks and smudges.

Method 2: Use a Moist Cloth to Wipe

In this method, you will use a wet piece of cloth after turning off your MacBook Pro. You can use a microfiber cloth and dip it into the water and don’t use it until it is slightly damp. Don’t use fully soaked fabric in water as the wet cloth is more likely to seep water into your gadget, it can cause major laptop damage.

Make sure to use distilled water instead of tap water for achieving a better outcome. Because there are certain minerals present in tap water that cannot give better results as distilled water can. Wipe the screen in small circular buffing strokes from side to side to the bottom until you clean fingerprints off the MacBook screen.

Method 3: Formula Cleansers

This is the third effective way and like other methods turn off the device first before cleaning and disconnecting the PC from the power supply. Because wet cleansers may destroy your gadget if exposed.

You may get a minor shock while working on a laptop if this moisture gets into your electrical devices. especially if the power adapter is connected. Take a soft and clean microfiber cloth, and pour a little LCD or plasma cleaner on it. Be careful to use a cleaner that is made only for LCD screens.

You can use soft, lint-free, and static-free towels that feel slightly damp to the touch for this purpose. But don’t soak the towel in water. The other type of cloth you can use as a substitute is very effective lens cloths.

Avoid using abrasive materials such as paper towels, dish towels, terry cloth towels, and other fabrics that can interrupt the functioning of your expensive laptop. Also, avoid all-purpose cleaners to clean fingerprints off MacBook screens. These materials have the potential to harm the screen. Screens can completely crack in extreme circumstances.

Hold the laptop towards the top or bottom of the screen to avoid accidentally smearing it during cleaning and do not saturate the screen with the cleaning solution. Because there’s a greater chance of your laptop shorting out if the cleaning solution gets into the bottom or side apertures.

Buff the computer screen as per requirement until all dirt and smudges get removed from the screens. This process can take several passes across the screen and a few minutes to finish.

Method 4: Cleaning Of LCD and Plasma Displays

This is the last but not least method for wiping off smudges from your laptop screens. As per requirement, turn the MacBook Pro off and unplug the charger before you proceed further. Using liquid cleaners can be risky even if you work carefully as the moisture from the wipes can enter your laptop components.

It can also affect the functioning of the power supply, so remove the power adapter first before cleaning. These electrical components will not be damaged if you remove them before time.

For removing stubborn marks on your screen use slightly damped microfiber with commercial cleaning solutions.

Method 5: Use an Electronic Wipe

It is the most efficient method to clean fingerprints off MacBook Screen. You can use an electronic wipe that you should move from top to bottom or side to side and wipe the entire screen. Buff the gadget’s screen in small circular motions with gentle but consistent and even pressure for the best outcome.

Electronic wipes are the perfect treatment for cleaning fingerprints from MacBook screens as it is enough to clean the smudges without wetting them. This solution is designed specifically for LCDs and is safe to use on electronic devices. Keep it in mind to buy alcohol-free electronic wipes for use on machines as they can damage your screens.


When you purchase an Apple laptop for manifold purposes or either for meetings or on business trips, the magic trackpad gets a lot of use. This trackpad works like the touchscreen on your smart gadgets.

You use your fingers for various operational tasks like switching applications, turning pages, and zooming in or out on photos or clicking on links. Smudges, dust, dirt, oil marks, and fingerprints start appearing on the trackpad, and the laptop faces trouble recognizing your commands.

For making your screens look renowned you can clean fingerprints off the MacBook screen and disinfect them by using different cleaners specifically made for cleaning or using fiber cloth don’t forget to unplug the adapter or turn it off the MacBook. Read this article thoroughly for better guidance and effective results.

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