How To Get Sticker Residue off Laptop? (Super Easy!)

Get Sticker Residue off Laptop

It’s true that removing stickers from your laptop is uncomfortable at first since you have to do it carefully and the leftovers are much more difficult to remove. Hence, using customized stickers on your laptop may provide a classy look.

There are several sorts of residue, but the majority of them can damage your laptop. Thus, we advised you to use some secure methods to remove the residue that is left by the sticker skinned off from your laptop.

Best Methods to Remove Stickers Residue from Laptop

You should try to prevent any sticker residue from clinging to your laptop before attempting to remove it. Indeed, to do this, there is a specific method to peel off the sticker gradually and gently in such a manner that sticky material comes directly off the sticker. Regardless, sometimes the adhesive of the sticker is extremely strong and stays stuck to the laptop actually behind even when the sticker is peeled off.

Therefore, before utilising any approach for sticker remnant removal, you will need the following few things:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Cotton
  • Toothpicks
  • Gloves

Additionally, always keep in mind to disconnect your laptop from the power source and switch it off before utilising any of the following techniques for removing sticker residue:

    • WD-40 technique for removing sticker stains
    • Use a hair dryer or heat gun to get rid of sticker crumbs.
    • using dishwashing soap on sticker residue as a cleaning method
    • removing sticker residue with nail polish remover

WD-40 Technique for removing sticker stains

The main purpose of WD-40, an oily liquid, is to remove sticky essences from a variety of surfaces, including metal, aluminum, and plastic. These days, almost every home has this since it is affordable and accessible.

Significantly, to extract the sticker residue, you have to pour a small amount of fluid on the residue place and wait for a few seconds thus that the liquid begins to respond with the residue.

Then, begin to smoothly and softly wipe the residue using the microfiber fabric. Plus, if there is even some residue left behind, then you should try this method more than one time and wait for a long time after pouring the WD-40 on the residue.

Use a hair dryer or heat gun to get rid of sticker crumbs.

Heating the surface of the laptop that has the sticker residue is another way to get rid of it. It appears that when heated, the adhesive properties of the sticky materials used for the stickers are lost.

Therefore, use a microfiber cloth to gently massage the surface of the laptop after blowing hot air on it to remove any remaining sticker residue.

Using dishwashing soap on sticker residue as a cleaning method

Well, dishwashing fluid has the tendency to remove the hardest stains, so it can even be utilized to clear sticker residue. Indeed, in our daily life, when we remove tags from just-bought utensils, undoubtedly, these tags too left a residue that we remove by scratching the thick dishwashing fluid on the residue surface.

The same is true for the sticker residue on the laptop; to remove it, take some cotton, spritz some dishwashing detergent on it, and then gently massage the residue area. Additionally, you can see one of two things: either the residue starts to flake off, or it becomes softer.

Use toothpicks to remove the residue in the latter case because there won’t be any effect on the laptop’s surface.

Removing sticker residue with nail polish remover

Another best technique to remove the residue stickers from your laptop is nail polish remover because the nail polish remover includes alcohol. No doubt, it can be proved helpful for removing residue from the peeled-off sticker.

Also, you must use a piece of cotton from of the nail polish remover solution and gently massage it on the surface of the laptop to remove the residue. Try this three or four times for greater results, and the residue will begin to automatically come off. In the end, clean that surface with a microfiber fabric.


Eventually, these are the four best methods or techniques that allow you to remove the residue sticker from your laptop effortlessly. Hope! By using this method, you can easily remove the residue sticker without any hurdle from your laptop.

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