What Are The Rubber Things On The Bottom Of Laptops Called?

Rubber Things

When you use your laptop, you may notice small rubber things on the bottom of your laptop. Do you want to know what they are called? And for what purpose did they use it? Let’s check this article for that.

Usually, the rubber pads on the bottom of a laptop are named “feet”. Moreover, these rubber pads also are understood as sticky feet, bumpers, or nubs. Generally, these feet are organized to level the laptop and hold it in place.

Besides, few laptop brands put USB drivers where their feet are because they deliver a floor spot to plug in the cord. Moreover, some utilize them for adequate ventilation.

Different Types of Feet on Laptops

Significantly, laptops have various kinds of feet which are removable that can be removed for cleaning or alternated when modeled out. Plus, laptop users frequently extract the bumpers if they like more useful airflow beneath the laptop.

What Are The Rubber Things On The Bottom Of Laptops Called

It is feasible to purchase substitute pads via original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or vendors that specialize in laptop parts. No doubt, they are affordable, yet, you should exclusively buy the same style as your existing laptop bottom could not be damaged.

Besides, these laptop feet are convertible with many major brands, such as Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Dell, ASUS, and more.

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Common Laptops that Have Adhesive Pads on Their Bottom

When you want to know about the common laptops that have adhesive pads or feet on their bottom you should see a few examples, like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, and Acer. In addition, Samsung even uses them occasionally, but they are not formally called “feet.”

Besides, some other OEMs contain Compaq, which is now owned by Hewlett-Packard, Sony VAIO, Fujitsu LifeBook, NEC LaVie, Panasonic Toughbook, Gateway Solo, Asus Eee PC Series, and MSI Wind Netbooks.

Types of Feet On Laptops

There are various kinds of feet on laptops which we will discuss below.

Rubber Pads on the Bottom of the Laptop

Generally, on laptops, rubber pads are used on the bottom, which delivers hold and stops scraping or scratching your desk or surface. Also, it comes in a distinctive design, a hemisphere dome-shaped with a flat bottom. Moreover, they have different consistencies from retailers such as Rubber feet.

Solid Pads on the Bottom of the Laptop

Another type of pad on the laptop bottom is solid feet that contain no air circulation area under them, so they depend on outer cooling via fans.

In modern designs, these commonly feature spots for airflow but can even serve as anti-skid feet creating it easier to move near a laptop that’s lived sitting inactive for hours at a time without danger of destructive surfaces.

Plus, bottom glue pads even permit these feet to be effortlessly substituted and can assemble a laptop more comfortably to clean. These solid pads are generally made of silicone and developed as a substitute for OEM feet or bumpers.

Hollow Feet on Laptop Bottom

Hollow feet are used for numerous goals, usually, ventilation and anti-skid safety. Indeed, it prevents the laptop from gliding off smooth surfaces like glass tables because they’re just promoted beyond whatever surface it’s sitting on. Also, it delivers a grip through sticky tape.

The most delinquent methods feature little spots in the middle that permit heat to run along with other components like retractable pins that support holding them and are connected securely despite duplicated use.

Silicon Pads on the Bottom of the Laptop

One of the best adhesive pads is a Silicon bumper. Well, you do not have to change it out frequently as the silicon pad as it stays adherent and can be cleaned of dust and garbage.

However, the disadvantages to this kind of foot are that they cannot get into tiny gaps or cracks like the feet on a laptop’s bottom, which may acquire blocks with dirt, fur, etc.

Adhesive Feet on Laptop Bottom

Adhesive feet connect straight to the bottom of your laptop delivering grip through the adhesive tape usually supplied by Lenovo. Though some users have said success uses rubberized glue instead to dodge impairing the bottom of their laptop in case, they ever require to withdraw them in the future.

They naturally feature small cutouts that permit airflow, but these spots serve no structural meaning other than formation. Besides, they deliver small ventilation for burning air running from inside your laptop. So if it is utilized for a comprehensive period, your laptop can get especially hot because there is small airflow under it.

Adapter Pads of Laptop Bottom

Adapter feet on the bottom of laptops that are required to be promoted off the ground to join docking stations. Also, they may be essential when operating a laptop on irregular surfaces, such as on an airplane chair tray table.

Generally, some adapter feet connect through pins threaded into your laptop’s existing rubber feet, whereas others need sticky pads, so they can connect to smooth surfaces without scraping them.


In conclusion, when you see small rubber things on the bottom of your laptop, these are called laptop feet. Many types of feet help your laptop to stay in place without moving and also avoid scratching the bottom. Some of these feet are adhesive, while some can be changeable.

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