What Is Artifacting? (and How to Avoid It) –


Usually, Artifacting is a term that is used for an inaccurately generated image that emerges on the screen. This typically happens because of a mismatch between what you are noticing and what is actually there.

Artifacts are the appearance of unwanted pixel colors, inaccurate textures, or glitches on the screen during the game due to the heavy load on the GPU. Artifacts come in many forms. The corners may show unusual pixel colors such as pink or green, or the image may be noisy and distorted.

The Types of Artifacts 

There are three main types of artifacts which are in the following. These are code artifacts, project management artifacts, and documentation. Here’s a descriptive look at all three.

 Code Artifacts 

Every program is made up of codes, and when any artifacts that occur in code are called code-related artifacts. These include:

Test Suites: Check the code testing program and confirm that the testing process is working

Setup Scripts: This type of technology allows the program to run

Compiled Code: At last, the compiled code that goes out to the user

Test Output: Logs and information come from the testing process

Code artifacts are unavoidable, important byproducts of the coding process.

Project Management Deliverables 

These artifacts occur during the project management phase. These may appear after regular software testing or error checking. These artifacts relate to the ideal behavior of the program and what the client wants from the program.

These include:

User Cases or Stories: These artifacts explain that a program should run in a particular technical term. They explain what the program expects and how they can achieve this.

Criteria: These artifacts set the minimum permissible requirements for the program/project. The customer or project manager usually provides these. This allows developers to set specific goals.


In this type of Artifact, all documentation related to current software is the relevant artifact. These include:

 Figure: Describe the class diagram above. Diagrams are a great way to visualize the internal processes of a particular program. These are created especially in advance during the coding process. End-User Contract: An end-user contract is any document intended for the user. This includes the Terms of Service documentation and everything that helps users understand the program. Internal documentation helps developers, bug fixes, and programmers improve and understand the program. It also includes a walkthrough (a guide that shows testers, quality control staff, etc., how to manage the application).

Reason of Artifacts

Can dust cause artifacts? Yes, dust can cause artifacts on the GPU. A lot of dust on your computer prevents hot air from escaping through the vents. As a result, the hot air stays in the computer, the temperature of the entire GPU rises, and the GPU begins to heat up.

Can a driver cause an artifact? Yes, using older drivers or beta versions of graphics drivers can cause artifacts. Older drivers slow down performance and cause problems for the GPU to function properly.

How Do We Fix The Artifacts?

Following are the techniques to fix or avoid the Artifacts issue.

Check connections.

Disconnect and reconnections to ensure firmly connected. Video card driver issues often cause artifacts in video games or video cards to get too hot. Ensure that your video card is new and your driver is also updated, and check that your game has the latest version.

Check Pictures Quality

Check picture quality and make sure your camera has high-quality pixels. To make sure the camera picture quality is perfect. If settings are set to the highest quality and pictures still have artifacts, it’s likely a digital camera limitation or issue with the camera.

Check Signals

If you experience artifacts when compressing or converting video from one format to another, try another. If you see artifacts on your TV screen and have a cable or satellite connection, make sure you receive a strong signal. In many cases, it’s a good idea to contact your provider to make sure your connection is good and strong.


Consequently, when an inaccurately generated image emerges on the screen of your laptop or computer, you should check first the causes behind it. In this article, we give complete details about artifacts and their causes. Hope! It will be beneficial for you to understand artifacts.

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